Why natural ingredients are superior to synthetic ingredients

May 06, 2021

Natural ingredients are produced in or by nature. They are derived from plants, animals, minerals, and microorganisms. They do not involve any chemical alteration in the production processes. Simple techniques or biological processes are used to extract natural ingredients. 

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Stinging Nettle For Hair And Skin

April 15, 2021

Stinging Nettle is not very liked because of its tiny needle-like stingy filaments that can irritate the skin upon contact. However, it has been used in the Middle Ages and ancient Greek times as a traditional herbal medicine to treat many diseases.

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What is cinnamon and how it supports sugar metabolism

April 08, 2021

There are a lot of supplements that people use to try to control their sugar metabolism. These supplements include magnesium, garlic, and coenzyme Q10, which lower blood glucose levels. diabetic

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Some incredible benefits of neem for hair

March 30, 2021

Do you know neem tree is referred to as the curer of all ailments and universal healer? The neem tree has been symbolized for good health and protection by the ancient Ayurvedic texts. Neem leaves are truly magical for people who prefer an organic lifestyle with natural and homegrown remedies.  

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Garlic for immune support

March 25, 2021

With its tantalizing aroma, garlic has always been a significant ingredient in your kitchen. Whether it is fries, dips, pizza toppings or meat preparations, it enhances every dish’s flavor.

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Tissue healing and regenerating abilities of raw honey

March 11, 2021

While honey tastes great with oatmeal or toast, the benefits of honey are almost infinite besides sweetening. People have been using raw honey because of its therapeutic properties since ancient times.

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The antiviral activity of honey, zinc, and vitamin C

March 03, 2021

Your immune system plays an essential role in protecting you from foreign invaders (bacteria and viruses) and destroying them. Pathogens can affect us in different ways, either by infecting open cuts or wounds or compromising the immune system. 

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Daily habits to stop hair loss

February 26, 2021

Here are daily habits to help you keep a full head of hair. Hair loss is one of the most widespread issues in the world, impacting one-third of the population. It has become a common problem among both men and women these days.

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What are the vital functions of liver? And importance of milk thistle as a liver protector

February 18, 2021

Your body’s overall regulation is dependent on the liver - the second largest organ in the body. With its over 500 vital functions, the liver is the fundamental part of the body. The liver is located in the upper right portion of the abdominal cavity.

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6 tips to stop your hair loss

February 11, 2021

Hair loss is one of the most widespread issues in the world, impacting one-third of the population. It has become a common problem among both men and women these days.

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HIIT the most effective way to get in shape!

February 05, 2021

Almost everyone around the globe is well aware that regular exercise is the key to living a healthy, fit, smart, and active life, yet very few of them develop a habit of hitting the gym daily. No matter which exercises you like and choose for yourself, there are probable chances that you might be well aware of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). 

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Herbal terpenes and their connection to health & wellness

January 28, 2021

Plants are highly powerful. Undoubtedly, plants are great blessings to humans. One of the countless blessings nature has offered humans is living organisms, which creates an atmosphere of abundant nutrients, sustenance, and natural medicine. Indeed, it is sufficient to say that humans are highly blessed with numerous gifts of nature.

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