Dermatonic P (Eczema & Psoriasis)

Dermatonic™ P supports eczema and psoriasis treatment and does not include any drug or steroid.  Dermatonic™ P is made from the purest herbs, honey, and beehive ingredients - carefully formulated into a complete, natural product. 

Wrinkles & Eye Care

Dermatonic™ W derives from the most valuable healing ingredients that ever existed on earth, as well as pure herbs to support skin tissue regeneration, powerful immune stimulation, anti-inflammation, and anti-oxidation. 

Zinc deficiency and hair loss
Zinc deficiency and hair loss

November 01, 2022

Zinc is known to play a part in the body's growth mechanisms and thus influences hair growth as well. Its intake not only helps boost hair growth but also revives hair color, strength, and texture. 

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5 Nutrition myths
5 Nutrition myths

October 10, 2022

Having a healthy body is not an easy job, and you might have been hearing some misconceptions about nutrition and food which may be detrimental to your general wellbeing if you take them serious. 

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Four health benefits of HIIT
Four health benefits of HIIT

December 31, 2021

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, involves short bursts of intensive exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. HIIT workouts usually consist of short bursts of intense training along with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise. HIIT exercise takes your cardio workout to the next level. It is the most time-efficient method of exercising. A HIIT workout usually lasts for 10-30 minutes in duration.

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I have had psoriasis of the scalp for almost a year with many lesions, some of which were at the hairline, red and scaly, and obvious for all to see. I tried coal tar, which helped a bit, but its possibly cancerous side effects made it a product I did not feel comfortable using. Being that psoriasis is an immune disorder, I wanted something natural, and needed it quick because it was only worsening with time. I found this product and decided to give it a try, hopeful, knowing the curing properties of honey, but a bit skeptical as well.

I have used this product for about a month, and my lesions that looked almost incurable they were so bad, have pretty much disappeared, especially the visible ones! I still have some areas here and there, and I am sure with a bit more consistency on my part, they will be healed as well. To give you an idea, I used the product only about 10 times in the last month, and yet was still able to see those amazing results. My husband, who is a physician and a skeptic of some natural products, was astonished as well. I have been telling many of my friends, and hope that others who have this condition will be able to find the relief I have. Many have been falsely led to think that only products that come from big pharmaceutical companies work, this product proves natural truly is best. This review is for both Honeyderm Wash & Hairback (for easier application to scalp to heal lesions caused by psoriasis). I used both products together.

Adina Simionescu, Keller, TX

EXCELLENT Product. For 4 years, my son has had extreme issues with eczema and psoriasis. I have tried cortizone, eucerin, aquafor and nothing has helped. This is the first product that has solved the issue where my son has baby skin, soft and no dry patches. I would definitely recommend it to people out there. I use the wash and Dermatonic P. I started seeing results in 2 weeks. Love the product!

Shirin Kamal

When I first read about the product content, I was sure that it is going to help me to restore my hairs, but I never thought it makes such a quick effect. I started losing hairs since 1985, I tried many different oils several months but no result at all, after that nothing tried. When I started using Hairback, I was able to see the result very quickly, within 1 week I started seeing new hairs... it is a great solution and I was wondering why not that many people know about this?

Brian Bonsignore, Valhalla, NY

I was using the HairBack and Hairtonix shampoo for the last one year and they work great. As soon as I started applying these products my hair stopped falling and after 4 weeks I saw new hair growing and the other people looking at my hair also noticed the difference. Actually my brother inlaw was using them and he recommended both of them to me. I recommend the Hairback and the Shampoo to everyone who is losing hair and also who wants to grow healthy hair.

Shakeel Ansari, Villa Park, IL

Wonderful! I wish everyone can hear my story of how I have used this product and kept my hair from falling. I also noticed lots of hair growing back around my bald spot. I truly appreciate this product and i definitely think everyone should try it.

Ramy Osman, Stone Mountain, GA