Honey & Turmeric Soap 4 oz

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HONEYDERM™ soap is a balanced soap formula that provides deep cleansing while promoting skin healing through its 100% natural additives of honey, black seed oil, olive oil, emu oil and green tea. These valuable skin healers place HONEYDERM™ soap ahead of any other soap or skin cleanser. The HONEYDERM™ soap produces rich lather, which leaves the skin clean, soft and conditioned. HONEYDERM™ soap provides deep cleansing while being mild and non-irritating to the skin tissue. HONEYDERM™ soap is also very safe for frequent use on the face and hands; you will forget symptoms of dryness and skin irritation that occur especially with repeated use of other types of soaps.


The powerful ingredients of honey, black seed oil, olive oil, emu oil and green tea in the HONEYDERM™ soap promotes healthy skin regeneration and provide supplements to maintain intact skin that is moisturized with a soft and relaxing effect at all times. You will love how your skin feels after using HONEYDERM™ soap.

You will also experience the best results of skin rejuvenation when using HONEYDERM™ soap in combination with our DERMATONIC™, and HONEYDERM™ skin products to care for acne, wrinkles, and to improve the vitality of your skin.