1. Does HAIRBACK® work equally for both men and women of all ages?
Yes, both sexes benefit from HAIRBACK® regardless of their age. Individuals who suffered from scalp psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema, overcame their problems and recovered a healthy scalp after using HAIRBACK®. It is a fact that hair loss and baldness are inherited in over 95% of the cases, but HAIRBACK® has grown hair in over 97%.

2. What can I expect after starting the natural HAIRBACK® program?
A clear difference in the number of falling hairs becomes evident within 2-3 days using HAIRBACK® and HAIRTONIX™ shampoo. Meanwhile, the existing weak and thin hair gets thicker and the hair becomes darker and more noticeable. New hair is noticeable in just four to six weeks. The new hair starts at the edge of the thin or bald spot underneath the hairline. It continues in a pattern opposite to the pattern of hair loss. Every user sees results but the difference lies in the period of full recovery. Dandruff and itching stop within a few applications. Scalp psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis are completely treated by the natural HAIRBACK® and HAIRTONIX™ shampoo.

3. How safe is HAIRBACK®?
HAIRBACK® is very safe. Almost all the ingredients of HAIRBACK® are extracted from edible products. In addition, HAIRBACK® is free from drugs. However if you develop hypersensitivity to any of the natural ingredients in HAIRBACK® consult a physician.

4. Will the application of HAIRBACK® make my hair greasy or sticky or leave any color on my hair?
No, your hair will look normal and well managed. Follow the instructions as described at the end of this section.

5. Is it O.K. to apply HAIRBACK® only one time at night and wash it in the morning?
It is O.K. especially if the goal is treating hair loss and/ or dandruff, but for stimulating hair growth, HAIRBACK® should be applied 2 times or more everyday. Some users apply HAIRBACK® one time every day and they are happy with the rate of their hair growth. Committed users apply HAIRBACK® 3 to 4 times every day and consequently they experience quicker results.

6. How would you compare HAIRBACK® to Rogaine and Propecia?
Rogaine and Propecia are drugs that have been regulated by the FDA. HAIRBACK® is a natural nutritional health supplement that contains no drugs and does not have drug claims. HAIRBACK® is a topical application that provides essential supplements to help the hair follicles function optimally and support healthy hair growth.

7. Is it O.K. to use HAIRBACK® in combination with Minoxidil or any other hair growth products to get quicker results?
Please do not use HAIRBACK® with any other hair growth products. To get faster results, apply HAIRBACK® as many times everyday as possible with a strong massage onto the scalp.

8. What should I expect as a new user of HAIRBACK®?
Based on observations and reports of users:
● Men and women who have been excessively losing hair notice a significant drop in the number of falling hairs after the second or third application of HAIRBACK®.
● Men and women who have been suffering from dandruff observe a significant relief of their dandruff problem within a few days after using HAIRBACK®.
● Men and women who have suffered from other scalp problems such as itching, eczema, or seborrhea observe a significant relief after a few applications of HAIRBACK®.
● Individuals who have used HAIRBACK® to help grow hair observe the following:
○ The thin unnoticeable hairs become thicker and more visible.
○ Within the first 4 to 6 weeks, most users notice newly growing hairs underneath and next to the existing thick hairline, i.e. on the edge of the thin or bald area.
○ The thick hairline continually proceeds in the opposite direction to the way the hair has been lost, i.e. the thin area or bald spot gradually narrows down from the sides to the center.

9. The thin area is in the front of my head; do I need to apply HAIRBACK® to the rest of my scalp or just to the thinning area and bald spot in the front?
In order to get the required results, it is very important to apply HAIRBACK® to the whole scalp one time everyday then any additional applications should be on the thin areas and bald spots. When you intend to grow more hair you should apply 2 times or more with a real strong massage to the thin area or bald spot.

10. I am afraid to massage vigorously as I feel it would cause more hair loss. I do not want to lose the remaining few hairs. Is that correct?
Any hairs that you may see falling during the first and second applications were going to fall anyway. Starting from the third application and on, much fewer hairs will fall during the massage process. It is normal to see between 10 to 20 hairs falling because of the strong massage. Once you start using HAIRBACK® the hair follicles become stronger and grow healthier hair in place of the falling ones.

11. Can I dye my hair while using HAIRBACK®?
Yes, you can dye your hair without disturbing the results of HAIRBACK®.

12. I still see a few hairs falling on my fingers during the massage?
Again you should not worry about the few hairs you see during the massage. Although you see them falling, you are not losing these hairs. Stronger hairs will be replacing these falling ones. If you are looking for more growth results, please do not stop the good strong massage to the whole head with more emphasis on the thin or bald areas.

13. How long do I have to use HAIRBACK®?
You will continue using HAIRBACK® until you get a full head of hair. Once you get a full head of hair, there would be no need to apply it on a daily basis but maybe once or twice a week. The exact final time varies from one person to another.

14. How does HAIRBACK® work?
HAIRBACK® is formulated from natural extracts from the honeybee products plus the herbal ingredients which were known to the EGYPTIAN and to the folklore medicine for their tissue healing, tissue regeneration, anti-inflammatory, immune stimulant, counter-irritant, anti-microbial, and muscle relaxant activity. These activities appear to have the right effect for removing the stress imposed on the hair follicle, and for nourishing and regenerating the inactive follicles to support healthier hair growth.

15. How do I apply HAIRBACK®?
Shake the bottle well. Spray enough quantity directly into the scalp to cover the whole head. INCLUDING THE SIDES AND BACK, WHICH STILL HAVE STRONG HAIR (10-15 strokes. Some users prefer using a dropper to apply one to one and a half ml of HAIRBACK® to the scalp). Massage strongly into the scalp with your fingertips until the product is fully absorbed and the hair becomes completely dry. Then you may wet your fingers with a drop or two of water and continue more massages to free the hair from any left product and get it into the scalp. Apply two times everyday (it is useful to apply more than two times when you find a chance); It is preferable not to wash after application for at least 2 hours. It is advisable to leave it on until your regular daily shower. If you find it inconvenient to apply HAIRBACK® in the morning before you head to work, then apply one time in the evening after returning from work and apply the second time before retiring to bed.

Hair growth results* depend on:
● Vigorous massage and rubbing
● Length of rubbing (4 to 5 minutes, committed individuals continue massaging 10-15 minutes).
● Number of daily applications (apply to the whole head one time; a second or more application to the thin or bald area).

*Important Note:
1. During the first and second application, users may observe some hair on their fingers or on the comb. Such hair was falling anyway and would have fallen during shower or combing. This should not discourage users from applying HAIRBACK® with a good rubbing procedure.
2. Some users may notice some hair falling on a periodical basis (at cycles from time to time). This indicates that productive papilla have been activated and are pushing out the old hair. Soon dark hair buds can be observed in place of such fallen hairs.