Why natural ingredients are superior to synthetic ingredients

May 06, 2021

Why natural ingredients are superior to synthetic ingredients

By Sam Musa, PharmD

Have you ever wondered the difference between natural and synthetic ingredients? For starters, natural ingredients are derived from nature, while synthetic ingredients are prepared in the laboratory through physical processes. Natural ingredients are usually enriched with nutrients that make our skin and hair healthy and soft. Natural ingredients enhance our beauty without harming our health. In this article, you will go through the difference between natural and synthetic ingredients and how natural ingredients are more beneficial for us. 

Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients are produced in or by nature. They are derived from plants, animals, minerals, and microorganisms. Natural ingredients do not involve any chemical alteration in the production processes. Simple techniques or biological processes are used to extract natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are free of all petrochemicals and  are grown, harvested or raised in a natural environment1.  Natural ingredients can include: aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, argon oil, avocado oil, bee pollen, cedarwood oil,  aryl alcohol, chamomile, charcoal, cocoa, coconut, glycerin, green tea, propolis, raw honey, royal jelly, black seed oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, olive oil, and tea free oil etc2

Synthetic Ingredients

The ingredients which are not derived from nature directly or indirectly are known as synthetic Ingredients. These ingredients are entirely processed in the lab. Some synthetic ingredients are proved as toxic in the cosmetic industry by some researchers. Due to their poisonous nature, they pose many side effects. As a result, their reputation in skincare and hair care products are minimized. Some of the commonly used synthetic ingredients include petroleum jelly, PVP, synthetic colors, sodium lauryl sulfate, and synthetic fragrance5

Benefits of using natural ingredients vs synthetic ingredients

Skin is the largest organ of our body which acts as a barrier to the daily toxins of our environment. To keep the skin and hair healthy, we should use natural ingredients containing products. The consequences of natural ingredients are recognized globally for their effectiveness, skin and hair benefits, and eco-friendliness characteristics7

Enhance natural beauty

Natural ingredients heal our skin internally and externally. For example, when vitamin C is absorbed in our skin, it increases collagen production and improves the blood circulation to our skin to repair tissue damage. As a result, our skin glows and enhances beauty.

Gentler in nature

Fillers, chemicals, and artificial colors are often used in synthetic products. These ingredients can cause irritation, redness, and breakouts for our skin. In contrast, products that use 100% natural ingredients are gentler, therefore, give us healthier hair and skin.

Environmentally friendly

Synthetic products can be harmful to our body. In addition, they are very threatening to our environment because they cause water, air, and soil pollution. In contrast, natural products are derived from the ecology of the world we live in and do not release any foreign chemicals into the environment.

Anti-inflammatory agents

Natural ingredients such as raw honey support tissue regeneration and skin healing. Moreover, honey has anti-microbial and antioxidant properties, which make it more beneficial for healthier  hair and skin .

Natural hair moisturizer

Products made up of natural ingredients are enriched with nourishing moisturizers, like coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil. These moisturizers hold the water in the cuticle, and leaves our hair more shiny, silky, and healthy.

Improve skin texture

Natural ingredients like green tea, witch hazel, burdock, and raw honey improve skin texture, decrease pigmentation, redness, blushing, resulting in improved skin health. In addition, these ingredients tighten the skin, which makes it more attractive and beautiful.

Improve the hair and scalp

Synthetic ingredients in many shampoos, eliminate the vital natural oils from the hair and scalp, Therefore, make it more vulnerable to chemicals. In contrast, natural ingredients like honey, can help maintain the natural oils and make the hair feel softer and smoother.

It doesn't harm animals

Synthetic products are examined on animals through forego animal testing. While natural products are not trialed on animals, so they are more ethical and empathetic than synthetic products.

Enriched with nutrition

The significant benefit of natural ingredients is that they maintain a natural composition of Vitamins (A,C,E,), minerals, antioxidants, and other natural compounds. In contrast, synthetic products are enriched with harmful chemicals such as Sulphur and glycols10.

Honeyderm's dedication to 100% natural ingredients

Since patenting our technology in 1996, Honeyderm has been dedicated to  providing its customers with natural solutions to overcoming hair, scalp, and skin problems. Using ingredients of only the highest caliber and potency, Honeyderm continuously rises to the customer’s challenge of providing natural solutions for conditions such as hair loss, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and rosacea, which were considered untreatable by conventional medicine. At HONEYDERM, the application of the Honeybee products have been patented to provide a safe,  highly effective, natural solution to treat the scalp, hair, and skin problems, as they have been an outstanding cure over the human history.

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