Why honey is a main ingredient in the HAIRTONIX shampoo

November 15, 2021

Why honey is a main ingredient in the HAIRTONIX shampoo

By: Dr. Hamad Shafqat

Honey: Is This Sweet Natural Ingredient Any Good For Your Hair Routine?

For centuries, indigenous cultures around the globe have used honey as wound treatment [1]. The naturally sweet honey is densely packed with antioxidants and nutrients that are ideal for healing purposes. It is a very common ingredient in millions of recipes in global cuisine. But its natural broad-band antibacterial properties have caused a recent resurgence in its clinical use [2].

Honey is a trendy ingredient in hair products due to its tremendous dermatological benefits. This article will highlight some reasons for using honey on your hair, such as preventing hair breakage, facilitating natural growth for hair, and more.

Combats dandruff: As honey possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it is able to fight and prevent dandruff. Since dandruff is typically caused by bacteria or fungus. The anti-inflammatory properties of honey mean that people suffering from an inflamed scalp or extreme dandruff no longer need to rely on harsh medical treatments that may also come with adverse side effects.

Hydrates your scalp and hair: Honey offers natural moisturizing and offers much-needed hydration to your hair and the skin of your scalp. Honey is a natural humectant; this helps it to lock in the moisture content and prevent trans-epidermal loss of water.

Enhances your scalp health: Since honey has inbuilt antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, it is also ideal for scalp health in general. The majority of the scalp and hair issues are related to the overall health of your scalp. So, treating the root causes can ensure these issues are solved at their source of origin and get a permanent solution.

Strengthens your hair follicles: Honey also contains natural proteins. This helps to enhance the strength of your hair structure and prevent hair breakage. Hair breakage is a very major cause of hair shedding and loss. So, by dealing with hair breakage, you can expect an overall improvement in your hair.

Boosts natural hair shine: Use of bleach, heat styling, and exposure to the sun have detrimental effects on the luster of your hair. Honey is known to combat these issues, add protein, locks moisture, and bring life back to your hair. So, the use of honey is great for adding natural shine and luster to your dry and dull hair.

Assists in hair growth: Honey offers natural antioxidants and essential nutrients to strengthen your hair follicles. By minimizing the damage to your hair to limiting hair breakage, you are naturally giving your hair a chance to grow in an optimal setting. Moreover, a healthy scalp and absence of dandruff also play a crucial role in improving hair growth. Honey also has the ability to stimulate and reboot sleeping or dormant follicles - leading to thicker, more voluminous hair!


Application of raw honey to your hair can be quite a challenging and non-convenient task. If you are looking for a premium, high-quality product that can offer the same benefits as natural honey but with unmatched convenience - look no further! HAIRTONIX Herbal Shampoo offers similar benefits and even more due to the addition of black seeds and turmeric to its formula.




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