What are the vital functions of liver? And importance of milk thistle as a liver protector

February 18, 2021

What are the vital functions of liver? And importance of milk thistle as a liver protector

 By Hamad Shafqat

Your body’s overall regulation is dependent on the liver - the second largest organ in the body. With its over 500 vital functions, the liver is the fundamental part of the body. The liver is located in the upper right portion of the abdominal cavity. It has the ability to regenerate and grow back to its normal size. A person cannot survive without the proper functioning of the liver. 

This article explains some of the liver’s vital functions and how you can maintain your liver health by Milk Thistle. 

Some Vital Functions Of The Liver:

The liver is important towards performing the following well-known functions:

1. Acts As A Detoxifier

Liver has to detox almost everything that you put into your body. Man-made chemicals like medications, recreational drugs, cigarette smoke, and pollutants can produce toxins, which are not meant to be in your body. 

The liver safely filters and detoxifies these toxins by using oxygen and enzymes, thus flushing toxins out of your body. Therefore, the liver is your helping hand for your overconsumption of junk food.  

2. Maintains Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Your liver synthesizes cholesterol and, at the same time, removes the excess cholesterol from your body. It removes cholesterol by breaking it down to bile salts, which are then transferred to the bile and expelled from the body. 

The liver keeps excessive cholesterol levels under control unless you have a certain condition like familial hypercholesterolemia, in which the liver fails to recycle cholesterol, causing it to be dangerously overabundant. 

3. Controls Carbohydrate Metabolism

The liver controls carbohydrate metabolism by ensuring the stability of sugar level in the blood. After a meal, your blood sugar levels become a little high. The liver maintains the constant sugar level in the blood by removing extra sugar from the blood and converting it to glycogen. 

 4. Stores Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Just as carbohydrates, the liver also stores vitamins and minerals (iron and copper). Whenever your diet is lacking vitamins, the liver releases them into the blood. 

5. Maintains Your Hair & Skin Health

Your blood remains pathogen-free, rich in nutrients, and clean because of the detoxifying function of the liver. Your skin cells remain healthy when your blood is clean. Your skin cells and hair follicles obtain more energy when the liver is functioning properly. 

How Milk Thistle Maintains Your Liver Health

It is paramount to maintain your liver healthy, but an unhealthy lifestyle interferes with the proper functioning of the liver, causing dangerous liver diseases. 

Milk Thistle, also called Silymarin, is a plant with a purple thistle at the top, shiny leaves, and a thin stem. Milk Thistle is used as a herbal remedy to prevent liver diseases.  

  • Milk Thistle prevents the toxins, such as amatoxins, from attaching to your liver.
  • It protects your liver from getting inflamed and damaged. It also promotes cell repair. 
  • It is used as a therapy against liver conditions like hepatitis, jaundice, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and cirrhosis. 


Being a metabolic factory of your body, the liver is important for maintaining your overall health. From cleansing your blood and maintaining your cholesterol health to metabolizing nutrients, the liver acts as a filtration system. But maintaining liver function is also essential. Milk thistle is famous for its liver-protecting function. It eases the symptoms of certain liver conditions and protects the liver against toxins.

Natural Liver Support

BHealthy Liver Support offers natural liver support to help with cell regeneration in the liver and supports body detoxification. With millions of people in the United States suffering from some form of liver dysfunction, it is essential to look after your health with a natural supplements such as BHealthy Liver Support. 

BHealthy's Liver Support is a powerful solution to assist the liver cells with ingredients like unprocessed honey, milk thistle, black seed, and garlic. It contains natural ingredients and is safe to use every day to support a healthy liver. 


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