Turmeric a natural medicine for the mind and body

December 24, 2020

Turmeric a natural medicine for the mind and body

By Aimee Coates

Turmeric – the root spice which gives curries their rich golden color. Packed full
of nutritional value, turmeric benefits both the mind and body. The
compounds present in turmeric – most notably curcumin – are hugely

Curcumin has potent anti-inflammatory properties that can treat a whole host
of ailments and diseases. Inflammation helps the body fight against foreign
bacteria and speeds up the recovery process. Low-level inflammation is
present in almost every chronic disease such as cancer, heart disease, and
Alzheimer’s disease. It’s also used to:

  • Supports cancer treatment: Curcumin is believed to be effective against the growth, development, and spread of cancer at the molecular level. Studies revealed that it contributes to the death of cancerous cells. There is some evidence to suggest that curcumin may prevent cancer, particularly cancers of the digestive system, but it is still too early to say. 
  • Supports the fight against depression: Curcumin is believed to boost serotonin and dopamine which relieves depression. Studies are still ongoing about turmeric's role in fighting depression, but the research is hopeful that it’s an effective anti-depressant support. 
  • Supports the treatment of arthritis: Arthritis is a common problem that involves inflammation of the joints. As curcumin is full of anti-inflammatory properties, it’s proven to be a powerful treatment for arthritis. It’s even found to be more effective than anti-inflammatory drugs.  

Taking a daily supplement is the best way to reap all of turmeric's benefits.
Black pepper has been show to improve the absorption of turmeric; therefore,
it is important to ensure black pepper extract (also known as piperine) is
formulated along with your turmeric supplement.

At Honeyderm, we have a large range of products containing turmeric which
are loaded with health benefits. Try our Hairtonix herbal shampoo. Hairtonix is infused with turmeric and will leave hair silky, shiny, and smooth. To supplement the immune system, try out oral supplements that include BHealthy Immune Support. Turmeric can also be found in our BHealthy Liver Support, formulated to help support detox and general health.

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