Garlic for immune support

March 25, 2021

Garlic for immune support

By: Dr. Hamad Shafqat

With its tantalizing aroma, garlic has always been a significant ingredient in your kitchen. Whether it is fries, dips, pizza toppings or meat preparations, it enhances every dish’s flavor. Besides livening up the dishes, garlic has been used for treating ailments, as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent, and as a natural antibiotic because it resists the body against foreign invaders. 

Garlic contains useful biological chemicals, among which the most important is Allicin (found in chopped, crushed or fresh garlic) which contains sulfur and provides an anti-bacterial function. Allicin, along with other antioxidants present in garlic, supports your immune system with its viral fighting abilities. 1

Read on to find the beneficial effects of garlic on the immune system. 

 1. Garlic Guards Your Body Against Flu And Cold

 Having a stuffy nose makes you feel frustrated. Garlic boosts your immunity because it has the ability to fight off a viral infection that causes cold and flu. Garlic increases the rate of production of natural killer cells, which are specialized for invading off the invaders. 

Moreover, garlic increases the ability of IgA antibodies to bind to the flu and cold viruses. IgA then summons your immune system to kill the viruses. You can add 2-3 raw cloves of garlic to soups, broths, and hot stews to ward off these infections from your body. 2

 2. It Gives Your T-Cells A Boost

 Your immune cell function can only be improved when there is an increased number of T-cells in your bloodstream. Garlic is effective in the increased production of pathogen-fighting T-cells so that your body remains resistant to viruses. 

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that cold and flu symptoms disappeared faster in those who consumed aged garlic extract. Daily consumption of aged garlic extract increased the T-cell production and immune function in participants, making their bodies resistant to flu viruses. 33. Garlic Is

3. An Effective Stress Buster

Do you know you’re more susceptible to cold and flu when you’re stressed out? It’s no coincidence that immunity is linked to emotional stress. If your body is under continuous stress, it will lose the ability to be resistant to infections. Garlic possesses the incredible ability to reduce fatigue, oxidative stress, and inflammation. 

Your adrenal glands produce hormones, which cause stress. When you eat raw garlic, it summons your adrenals to produce less stress, making your body more relaxed and alert. So, stay alert and beat off the infections with the help of garlic. 4

 4. Go With The Dynamic Duo Of Zinc And Garlic

The high sulfur content in garlic is responsible for supporting your immune system because sulfur acts like the flu and cold fighter. When combined, zinc and garlic relieve you from the uncomfortable symptoms of cold and treat the upper respiratory tract infections. 

Sulfur in garlic retains the body’s ability to absorb trace elements like zinc. So, boost your immune function with raw garlic and zinc supplements, such as lozenges and syrups. 5


Garlic is considered 100x more powerful than other antibiotics against bacterial and viral infections. If you want to become resistant to catching the flu, go for raw garlic cloves because cooked garlic loses many of its important medicinal compounds.

BHealthy Immune Support

If you are looking for a great supplement that includes a dose of garlic along with immune supporting herbs, try our Bhealthy Immune Support. This great supplement utilizes a combination of garlic, raw honey, zinc, vitamin C and herbs to help the body fight off viral infections and support the immune system.


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