The key to skin health and its ability to overcome illnesses is based on the integrity of the immune system and skin cell function. When the immune system and defense mechanisms within the skin tissue become weak or imbalanced, the tissue can easily get infected by fungi, bacteria, or viruses; and in some cases the tissue becomes a target of its own immune system. This results in severe complications such as psoriasis. Psoriasis tends to become chronic if the tissue fails to recover and maintain a balanced function. DERMATONIC P has 100% natural ingredients known for:


  • - immune stimulating activity
  • - tissue healing and regeneration
  • - antimicrobial activity
  • - anti-inflammatory activity
  • - anti-oxidant activity


These actives are known to aid the body to overcome any irregularity and maintain its healthful balanced state. Unlike other products found on the market, Dermatonic P does not include any drug or steroid. Dermatonic P is made from the purest herbs, honey, and beehive ingredients; and is carefully formulated into a complete natural product. You don't have to live with the insecurity of psoriasis for the rest of your life. End it once and for all with Dermatonic P, a natural, safe, and effective method to healthy skin. (The Food and Drug Administration has not conducted any studies on this product and has not reviewed any of the statements made here).


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  1. Dermatonic P(4oz)
    Dermatonic P(4oz)
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  2. Dermatonic Wash(8oz)
    Dermatonic Wash(8oz)
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  3. Dermatonic P(2oz)
    Dermatonic P(2oz)
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  4. Dermatonic P(4oz) & Dermatonic Wash(8oz)
    Dermatonic P(4oz) & Dermatonic Wash(8oz)
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5 Items