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DERMATONIC™ W used the same secrets, which the Ancient Egyptian Cosmetologists have used to overcome the aging signs and maintain the skin beauty. DERMATONIC™ W derives from the most valuable healing ingredients that ever existed on earth, the healing power of the honeybees, plus pure herbs to support tissue regeneration, immune stimulation, anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation and to provide rich nutritional supplements. No synthetic nutrients are used in DERMATONIC™ W.

The synthetic nutrients like other synthetic materials might impose more stress on the tissue, and consequently contribute to the unwanted results of more cellular fatigue and more aging signs. Users of DERMATONIC™ W quickly experience soft, smooth, and firmer healthy skin with noticeable change within 2 weeks. DERMATONIC™ W cream is remarkably safe because of the nature of its natural components and the freedom from drugs and artificial fragrances. Also use HONEYDERM soap with DERMATONIC™ W. It provides gentle cleansing and promotes healthier skin. It is highly recommended to use HONEYDERM soap before applying DERMATONIC™ W and any time you wash your face.